Galal Zekri Chatila

Egyptian Adventurer

It was a real pleasure to be supported by Alkan CIT; I was so surprised when I found them replying to the proposal that I’ve sent them through their website. And whenever I face any problem with the devices, their customer service is always ready to solve the issue in No time

Galal Zekri‘s 7,000km solo cycle ride around Egypt 2014-2015

I did some research before setting off and discovered that Thuraya’s satellite coverage is the best in the Middle East. Since Alkan CIT is Thuraya’s authorized Service Partner in Egypt, I approached them and was very surprised when they gave me Thuraya XT and Thuraya IP. It turned out that it was more convenient for me to go with Thuraya over a GSM operator so I could stay connected all of the time – this was of the utmost importance as I was cycling off the beaten track. Luckily, Thuraya’s products are made from tough stuff and are designed for harsh environments. These particular products are rugged and waterproof and so easy to use, all I had to do was make sure I was pointing the antenna towards the sky.