Trade & Distribution

Alkan Medical

Rapidly expanding its presence in the market since 1975, Alkan Medical is well renowned for being a prominent agent and distributor for high-ranking medical suppliers and essential healthcare products’ companies worldwide. Alkan Medical’s diversified activities include selling diagnostic ultrasound equipment, X-Ray equipment, imaging solutions (cameras, printers, CR, processors, films), PACS, dental equipment, cardiology equipment, surgical instruments, and orthopedic implants. Alkan Medical is also involved in turnkey projects.

Egyptian International Motors

Established in 1978 as a significant business unit within Alkan Holding, its remarkable growth over the years has positioned it as a market leader in various business fields. The group’s activities include multinational enterprise representation, lease finance services, and free zone storage and clearance. EIM Group comprises four uniquely resourced companies. Today EIM group is one of Egypt’s most mature private sector operations, exclusively distributing and servicing more than 28 world-renowned brands in more than nine business sectors in the region operated through 2000 EIM business experts. Group activities include; multinational enterprise representation, after-sales activities, free zone storage, and clearance facilities.