Ahmed Serry

MCS, IT Magerna

Varied product/s and solution range, International Coverage and (24/7) support, Durability and reliability of products.

MCS is a turnkey contractor for Data Acquisition and processing for Oil & Gas Offshore projects

In 2007, MCS started to have vast growth in its offshore operations in different sites and territories, out of which, the IT-Support team started to investigate SMART, Portable and High end Tele-communication solution/s to ensure adequate and effective 24/7 communication between our On/Offshore teams. Starting with Thuraya Phones in 2007 to its IP solutions in 2013, MCS became more comfortable using Thuraya’s powerful range of innovative and unique solutions and adopted its technology to put together an innovative end-to-end solution for providing head-office with live video/picture feeds from the underwater exploration to support underwater exploration/mining using Thuraya Technology